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Another Book Update

Hi, I finished my other book, so now I can post about it.

Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence
by Rosalind Wiseman

This book is a MUST read for anyone and everyone. If you have kids, if you don't and aren't planning on having any, if you've already had and raised them. The reason is that while this book mostly looks at Girl World (and briefly at Boy World), it is an interesting commentary on why males and females have certain ideas and why the act in certain ways in adulthood. It's also a good example of how to have challenging conversations with people in supportive ways. My favorite part of the book I'd say was the suggestion that higher self confidence and self esteem are a result of good social functioning skills, rather than vice versa. That just really rang true for me. This is a book I'll be reading again and again.
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